Tuesday, October 6, 2009

101 Small Business Mistakes

The American Express Small Business Forum recently published an article on mistakes that entrepreneurs make in all phases of setting up and operating small businesses.

101 Small Business Mistakes (and What You Can Learn From Them)
Gregory Go (Wise Bread)

Oct 05, 2009 -
(This article was written in collaboration with Glen Stansberry)

Let's be honest: running a small business is not an easy task. Especially in an economic downturn. Small business owners are keenly aware that mistakes can be very costly at this point in time.

Yet in order to have success, at least a few mistakes have to be made along the way. It's a part of building and growing. Oscar Wilde once said 'experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.' And even the most successful business owners have had their fair share of blunders.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that prominent business owners have made in their lifetime, and what they learned from them. (Read More)

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