Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heartland Community College: Green Institute Programs

The Green Institute, established in 2008 at HCC, supports a wide range of campus initiatives, educational programs and community activities related to sustainability, energy conservation, renewable energy, recycling, retro-commissioning and other environmental technologies.

The Green Institute offers professional training, general workshops, and degree certification programs on a variety of different topics, including; green building, wind systems, and solar energy. The Green Institute offers the following degree programs:

Electronic Systems Technology Degree with an option in Building Automation
The building automation option will prepare technicians to work in a variety of industrial and business settings where they would be responsible for the installation, maintenance and programming for automated systems used through facilities.

Renewable Energy Degree
The RE degree will prepare technicians to work in the renewable energy industry and related fields. The program will provide a broad background of technical skills in addition to specific competencies in new technologies such as wind energy and photovoltaic systems.

Construction Management Degree with Green Building emphasis
The construction management program will prepare students to work in the construction related businesses and services with a emphasis in green building technology and energy efficient systems.

Visit The Green Institute's website for more information:

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