Thursday, October 1, 2009

Livingston County Board Invest $500,000 in Local Economic Development

The Livingston County Board voted unanimously to provide a grant in the amount of $500,000 to the Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council (GLCEDC) in an effort to spur economic growth in the county.The funds will be use entirely for economic development programs. Bill Fairfield, County Board Chairman, said, “his is a way we can take some of the proceeds fromthe wind farms and give it back to the communities of Livingston County.”

The GLCEDC will administer several programs that will be funded with the grant. Larry Vaupel, CEO of the GLCEDC, stated that the programs may include lowinterest loans, building improvement grants, and grants for community infrastructure and development. “he programs will focus on making Livingston County more attractive to commercial and industrial development. We want to entice business growth and expansion by assisting new and existing businesses to invest in the area.”

Mike Stoecklin, Chairman of the GLCEDC, stated, “e find ourselves in challenging times and we believe having these programs in place will create an enticing environment for companies to bring jobs to Livingston County.”Businesses, municipalities, and commercial property owners interested in learning more about the economic development programs should contact the GLCEDC at 815‐842‐2900 or visit their website

For more information please contact Larry Vaupel, CEO of the GLCEDC at815‐842‐2900.

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