Friday, May 18, 2012

Village of Forrest Attracts New Business

The Village of Forrest, IL is now home to a new medical equipment installation firm.  H & H Installation Services, Inc. built a new headquarters for the company on Route 47, on the north side of town.  The company specializes in the installation of medical equipment (CT, X-Ray, MRI, etc.) at hospitals, university research facilities, and medical offices all across the US.  H & H has twenty-two employees, 10 of them work in Livingston County.

The GLCEDC provided a Community Development and Infrastructure Grant to the Village of Forrest to assist in the funding of a water main extension and Route 47 improvements for the new business.  More information about H & H Installation can be found on their website.

Larry Vaupel, CEO (left) presents a check to Pat Huette, President of H & H Installations (center) and Village of Forrest Mayor, Jim Gulliford (right) to assist in funding public improvements associated with the construction of H & H Installations' new facility in Forrest, IL.

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